Studio Vienna is Partner of Udyen Jain & Associates (UJA), a prominent Indian advisory firm, specialized in corporate finance, legal and tax advisory as well as audit, with four offices in India (Pune, Mumbai, Gurgaon and Bangalore) and partnerships in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, UAE, Japan and Vietnam.

Founded in 1996 in Pune by the Chartered Accountant Udyen Jain, UJA, with a team size of more than 100 professionals, provides support and services for foreign companies wishing to start their activities in India.

Thanks to the partnership with UJA and to the availability of Italian professionals on the Indian territory, Studio Vienna has specialized itself in the advisory and assistance to Italian companies in their process of internationalization in India.


AD Impresa s.r.l. is an independent business consulting firm active in the financial advisory sector.

It was born with the aim of integrating the specialized and technical skills of its members, matured within twenty years of activity in the following fields:

  • professional (chartered accountants and lawyers);
  • corporate (management consulting and management audit & control);
  • managerial (top positions in leading companies);
  • banking (top positions in credit institutions and finance companies).

Its Mission is to provide mid-size corporates assistance:

  • in the development and internationalization processes (drafting of industrial plans, quantification of financial needs and planning of structured finance operations).
  • in corporate turnaround processes.

AD Impresa concentrates its activity on the following areas of intervention:

  • Corporate reorganization and recovery
  • Corporate finance for the company
  • Activity for debt and equity funds
  • Structuring of possible deals in the NPL sector (through the associated Turnaround Management s.p.a.)

AD Impresa’s strengths are:

  • the integration of skills in business-financial-legal advisory in relation to extraordinary finance transactions;
  • the strong presence in central and northern Italy, with offices in Milan, Bolzano, Verona, Padua, Udine, Florence and Perugia, with an aggregate platform of over 100 professionals and managers;
  • the deep Partners’ knowledge of the territories also through consolidated relationships with local institutions and institutional counterparties.

Network of Independent Firms of Chartered Accountants and Lawyers based in the national territory of Italy and connected through the Intranet network. ACBGroup gathers 1,250 professionals from 60 integrated firms, which provide to clients and prospects their expertise and competence to create the first integrated professional advisory model assisting businesses in their growth process.

Directly or through its subsidiaries, ACBGroup provides integrated consulting services for all those operations of particular size and complexity, exploiting its own specialized structure and professionalism present in the integrated studies. Among the most significant transactions: privatizations of public companies, listing in the stock exchange, credits securitization, evaluation of large business conglomerates.

Service company providing to both individuals and businesses on going accounting, administrative and fiscal assistance as well as companies’ domiciliation and executive secretarial services.

In an ever-changing economic and regulatory environment, the company always supports the creation and maintenance of partnerships, collaborating with other professionals and firms with a high degree of competence with regard to issues that are similar and complementary to those that constitute the specializations of its organization. This is to ensure the most complete support for the clients.

Advisory consortium providing support to companies in relation to the area of Industry 4.0, Cyber security, “soft” or “preferential” finance (“finanza agevolata”), research and innovation, commercial development, training and culture, characterized by:

  • overseeing the industrial hub of northern Italy
  • strong relations with the university and institutional systems in relation to research and innovation
  • consolidated experience in the field of “soft” finance and structural funds, including European ones
  • specialized technical expertise in industrial and IT fields