Giuseppe Bertoli

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Udine on April 9th, 1964, Chartered Accountant since 1993 and Statutory Auditor since 1995.

Degree in Economics and Business with specialization is law at the University “Cà Foscari” of Venice.

Areas of expertise

Corporate Law.

Corporate Contract Law.

Restructuring & business recovery and crisis management of companies.

Extraordinary Operations.

Insolvency and bankruptcy.

Companies’ evaluation and preparation of valuation reports.

Auditing and due diligence.

Offices held and professional experience

Sole director and member of administrative bodies of joint-stock companies and foundations operating in various sectors.

Liquidator of joint-stock companies. Member of the Boards of Statutory Auditors and Auditor.

Protector of Trust.

Offices held at the Tribunal in the capacity of CTU and CTP in various proceedings both on behalf of the plaintiff and the defendant.

Demonstrator of restructuring plans in procedures pursuant to articles 67 and 160 L.F.

Evaluations of company shares and firms.

Advisor in extraordinary corporate restructuring operations and segregation of assets.

Patrimonial and inherited accommodations.